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I had the amazing opportunity as an intern to join Kristina in Atlanta for market! This was my first time to go, so I was very excited!

They had the most adorable floral letters that spelled VOW and we couldn't resist a picture!

First, we stopped by Val Stefani and picked up some great new gowns! Including this cute off the shoulder, RIVER (S2110). All of these new dresses will be in store later this year and we can't wait!

We had to stop and see our friends over at Chic Nostalgia! I was able to see their new line in person for the first time and see several of the dresses on! We have been eyeing this dress, IVY, for a little while, what do you think?

We ventured over to Lillian West next, and got to re-see some of our favorite gowns again! We found our girl MJ (66055) in the color sand, and we are just as obsessed! This dress is in the store now, and we are anxiously waiting for the other new dresses to come in! We think this may be our favorite season from Lillian yet!

We LOVE Eddy K! Their showroom looked amazing and I got to see so many new swoon worthy dresses! Like this, LAURA, which will be in our store later this Fall! Isn't this back just to die for?!

Can someone say sparkles?! Karina has a gorgeous beaded lace top and a sequin skirt! There is so much detail in this dress that we are obsessed with, and we can't wait for you guys to see it!

While Eddy K only releases one new collection per year, they also release a small collection of "refresher" dresses. This dress, MONA, is our favorite refresher! The back is too cute and even with the amazing long train, the dress is still super light and soft! How awesome is that!?

VOW Bridal Market is in building 3 of Americasmart and is 14 floors! It's a little nerve-racking to be on the 14th floor and look down!

Overall, we had a very successful trip to Atlanta for VOW bridal market! I can't wait to be back one day!


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